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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) injections can be acquired with a prescription. However people without a hormone deficiency may find it difficult to buy HGH injections without a prescription and are forced to buy HGH online. Unless the you find HGH for sale that is a legitimate brand from a recognised manufacturer it is likely that these human growth hormone injections will be greatly ineffective.

If you feel you have a HGH deficiency and you want to turn back the clock on your ageing process, then the right way to go about this is to go to your medical practitioner. Your doctor will check your hormone levels in your blood to make sure you have low enough levels of HGH to be prescribed HGH injections, This will be taken into consideration when deciding the correct dosage for you. They will also check that the HGH does not affect with any or agitate any pre-exisitng medication or health condition. Once the checks are done and the doctor has decided which will be the best HGH therapy program for you, they will then prescribe the HGH injections. This prescription can be taken to any chemist or pharmacy, But to get the most out of your therapy go to a bona fide pharmacy you know that provides good quality injections and the correct dosages.

At Hormone Replacement Therapy clinics, It is normal practice to only prescribe the highest quality injections, which are Norditropin,  Humatrope,  Omnitrope,  Saizen and Genotropin. To  ensure the supplying pharmacy has a good reputation, they send your, on your behalf to a pharmacy they know well enough to trust and your HGH Human Growth Hormone injections will be shipped directly to you by overnight courier.

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Whether you are buying HGH with or with out a prescription it is always essential that you consult a physician otherwise you would be self diagnosing and without blood tests it is difficult to gauge the correct dosage, which could cause health problems. And if you are buying HGH without a prescription then always buy hgh from a trusted supplier who can guarantee that the product is genuine so that you know that the injections are safe to use,

When buying Human Growth Hormone injections, it will be cheaper to buy them without a prescription online, but unless you take the necessary precautions and buy from a reputable supplier then you could be taking a risk with your health for a product that may not work. It is good advice and worth the extra money to make sure you buy a premium HGH product that is both competent and safe to use, so you can benefit from a boost to your HGH levels straight away.

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