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Human Growth Hormone or HGH controls and regulates a large number of functions throughout the body, as well as having a number of properties that are associated with being young, such as vitality, smooth skin, increased resilience and energy. HGH is produced naturally in the body’s pituitary gland located at the bottom of the brain. HGH is also gaining popularity with pro athletes along with bodybuilders because of the numerous benefits that are linked with using it:

  • increased muscle mass.
  • decreased fat.
  • higher energy levels.
  • increased sex drive.

It can also stimulate improved growth in the majority of body tissues, notably by increasing the number of cells instead of increasing their size. This also includes skeletal and muscle tissue, and with the exclusion of the eyes and brain. A measurable loss of body fat will also be noted during any HGH therapy. HGH does increase the amount of glucose output in the liver therefore HGH has no reliable method for testing for it using urinalysis.

HGH Human Growth Hormone can be found under a variety of commercial identities as HGH, HygetropinOmnitrope, Norditropin, Saizen, GenotropinHumatrope, Jintropin, Ansomone and many more.

What are the proper HGH Growth hormone Injecting Techniques

People worry that self-injecting Human growth hormone might difficult to do, particularly when performing it the first time. Your second time will be a lot easier. The good thing is Human growth hormone is injected subcutaneously (underneath the skin), that makes the entire process simpler because the needle is not going to penetrate as deep.

What Exactly Do You Need to use Injectable HGH?

A needle and syringe are required in order to inject HGH, You will need 2 types of needles and are essential; A longer one to create the HGH bacteria static water blend and a smaller needle to inject. Usually, a 24 – 26 gauge, 5/8-inch-long needle is undoubtedly a correct one. It is crucial you make use of new, unused needles only. The ends of the syringe must have a plastic cover to help maintain it’s sterility. Alcohol Swabs are used to cleanse the actual injection area. Some people like to use disposable medical gloves to do their injections.

It can not be stressed enough that the area where you do your injections should be clean and one where you wont be disturbed.

Quick Rundown of the Injection Rules, For more Specific Details Contact us by phone.

The best time to do injections is before you go to sleep at night, however the morning is also a good time. Be sure abstain from eating for one hour either side of doing an HGH injection.

Step # 1 Ensure that you have a clean area and also organise everything that you will need.

Step # 2 Wash you hands. If somebody else is doing the injection for you then he or she really should wear a pair of disposable gloves.

Step # 3 Take away the actual plastic-type flip covers from HGH vial. Clean both the stoppers of the vials by using a alcohol swab and then dispose of it. Do not touch the tops after being sterilised.

Step # 4 Withdraw the plunger from the needle right up until it gets to 1cc within the syringe.

Step # 5 When inserted on to the vial of water push the syringe plunger down until it which will drive the 1cc of air into  water which will create a small amount of pressure with in the container which will help you in extracting the water. While steadily holding down the plunger, gently pick up the small vial as well as the syringe with your adjacent hand and turn upside down. Slowly withdraw the exposed syringe tip a little so that it is under the water. Release the plunger causing the syringe to automatically fill with water. Alternatively you can to pull back on the plunger manually until the 1cc mark on the syringe is reached. If air gets trapped inside the syringe, just gently tap it with a finger to make the bubble rise to the top then slightly press it inward to force the remaining air back into the vial. Once complete remove the syringe.

Step # 6 Mix the water with the HGH. Insert into the vial of HGH The tip of the needle should be slightly rest the tip of the needle against the wall of the vial. This will causes the water to flow along and down the side of wall.

Step # 7 Next is the remove the needle and place to one side while you shake the mixture of sterile water and HGH gently in a circular motion. You now want to agin draw some air into the barrel of the syringe and then put it directly back into the HGH vial. Pushing air in gently will again introduce a pressure in the vial, this will aid you in pumping the solution out. Once you have emptied the vial, turn the syringe around so that the needle is directly at the top.

Step # 8 Now remove the plastic cover from the larger needle. Replace it with the smaller gauge needle which you need to do your injection and make absolutely sure that there are no air bubbles are inside the syringe. You are ready to do the injection.

How to properly Inject HGH Therapy into the Body

Select the area where you want to do the injection. The most convenient and comfortable location is the belly or bottom. Do not inject in the area around the Naval. Use a fresh alcohol pad or sponge to clean the selected area and then let it air dry.

Using your off hand fold the skin carefully and hold it up. Now using your strongest thrust the syringe quickly into the folded skin area. Ideally you want it at a right angle angle to the skin fold and hold it in place. Slowly inject the mixture and quickly remove the needle. Clean the injection area again with a clean alcohol pad  and hold pressure there for a brief period.

What you Shouldn’t do with injectable HGH

When injecting HGH underneath the skin it is extremely imperative that you do not aspirate after the insertion of the needle so as to prevent any hematoma formation, bruising or tissue damage. After the injection of HGH do not massage the area because it may cause the absorption rate to be too fast and damage the tissue under the skin. Seek medical advice before administering any HGH therapy. Alternatively to the above procedure you can buy an HGH that comes in an injectable pen

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