Omnitrope® 10mg (30iu)


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Omnitrope® 10mg (30IU)

This product is produced by one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical sectors. Sandoz provides products in over 160 countries and gained a net profit of over 9 billion in 2012. With over 120 years of pharmaceutical experience this company aspires to deliver high quality products.

Omnitrope® [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] a synthetically manufactured recombinant protein contrived for use as a subcutaneous injection, stimulates the growth of both bone and cartilage.

This FDA approved product is not only easy to use but also cost effective; as this product contains 5 cartridges along with an administration pen. Administration of Omnitrope® (30iu) is simple, as this product uses pre-filled cartridges eliminating the risk of administration errors or waste. For information on how to administer this product safely please follow the link below:



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