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Human Growth Hormones (HGH) Spain have become a universal worry for all individuals beginning to feel the pinch of ageing. HGH is produced in the central part of the brain in the pituitary gland. The gland produces somatotroph cells which are responsible for producing, storing and secreting HGH which is a sequence of 191 amino acids protein.

A gradual drop in the natural HGH levels of the body creates symptoms of what we have always known as ageing. HGH a growth hormone product fills the gap between youth and ageing effectively letting us enjoy the same benefits even at an advanced age.

From the time of our birth the body starts producing HGH which is the most plentiful hormone produced by the pituitary gland of the human brain. HGH then absorbed by the liver is changed into growth factors that work together with the cells of our body. However with age the hormone gradually slows down causing outward as well as internal changes to the body.


Uninterrupted supply of HGH Spain provides a bounty of benefits to the human body. It controls ageing and increases our energy levels, improves skin and hair, maintains proper metabolism which in turn helps us gain muscle mass. HGH is also known to cure diseases through specific therapies. Children with healthy secretions of HGH have shown more height gain than those believed to have comparatively lower levels.

The HGH levels are at their optimum producing quality from the age of 21 and up to 30 years. Studies have shown a drop of 14% every 10 years, finally bringing on the symptoms of aging. The functions of the Pituitary gland degrade causing a slow but steady diminishing of the HGH levels in our body.

This in turn sparks of a multitude of problems such as weight gain, weakening of bones, sagging skin, low energy levels, sexual disorders and memory loss among the many others that were always referred to as symptoms of ageing. Here HGH levels can seriously plummet to 80% within a given range of time.

Diminished HGH levels lead to serious complications of the heart and cardiovascular diseases. Cases of extremely low levels of HGH are known to develop some sleeping disorders, fall in concentration and a gradual disinterest in personal and professional life.


By 1996 scientists after isolating this hormone used it in the treatment of children with stunted growth. At that time HGH was procured from the Pituitary glands of human corpses that were processed and made available as injections. As it grew in popularity, sports persons were administered the same to increase muscle mass and to recover tired muscles helping in turn to train for longer periods. Soon growth hormone products began to be used for general well being.


The market began to fill up with various growth hormone products but not all were effective or easy to use. Most of them triggered off a great many side effects making them unsafe for use in general. However human growth hormone releasers such as the above mentioned product are a safe and affordable alternative to prescription HGH injections and nasal sprays.


Always consult a doctor before you buy HGH in Spain.

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