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HGH Releasers are amino acid substances that are believed by some to be the key to combatting the natural decline of HGH Sweden (or human growth hormone) in our bodies.

The human growth hormone is produced throughout our lives in our bodies and contributes to our growth, keeping our organs healthy and functioning, maintaining a strong immune system and other vital functions. That’s the good news. The bad news is that while levels are high when we are young, from adolescence onwards the levels within our bodies begin to decline. By the time we are in old age, they are virtually non-existent. There have been studies carried out that have indicated the correlation between decline of HGH in the body, and old age.

The idea that HGH releasers and other amino acid ‘substances’ could help to keep the tell tell signs of old age at bay by boosting the body’s natural defence against it was around 20 years ago when a book was published touting the benefits of amino acid supplements. It was straight after this that body builders also began claiming that taking these HGH releasers could help build up solid muscle mass and shed unwanted pounds with ease.

An experiment that took place in 1990 had a huge effect on the rise of HGH releasers and their revolutionary claims. After one group of men were given HGH releasers in the form of growth hormone injections, and the other group were not for 6 months, there were indications that those who had received the shots saw decrease of fatty tissue in their bodies, and an increase of lean body mass (ie muscle).

It was at this stage that very many different HGH releasers arrived on the scene, and today there are countless products all claiming to be the genuine article whilst rubbishing the others. It is possible to buy HGH releasers in the form of pills or sprays depending on your preferences and budget, but some have said that it is simply impossible for any substance amino acid type substance that is sprayed into the mouth to be absorbed by the lining in the mouth and deposited into the blood stream as is the claim.

Not all scientists and doctors are convinced by the results of the experiment that took place in 1990 as some feel the test was not carried on for long enough, especially with reference to possible side effects that could occur with prolonged use of HGH releasers. It is a known fact that the levels of HGH do decline in our bodies, however it is not scientifically proved that increasing the levels as we get older is or would be beneficial.

There are some instances of legitimate uses of HGH releasers, in fact doctors do recommend a course of injections to patients with a bona fide growth hormone deficiency. The treatment is expensive however and can take many months so is not recommended in any other instances other than this one.

HGH Sweden releasers are available to buy and have many people that sing their praises. Anti-ageing clinics up and down the country tout the benefits of using a supplement, but one must remember also, that it is not good being a couch potato and then using a supplement! An HGH releaser must be combined with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise in order to gain the rewards and feel the benefits.

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